FAQS: When is the best time to Sell?

April 9, 2020 | FAQS | By Aaron Rossetti

We’re often asked when is the best time of year to sell a home on the North Shore. This question usually encompasses several others such as: What time of year are prices highest? What time of year is the easiest to sell/leads to the quickest sale or lowest days on market?  

If we were meeting with you, we’d try to understand your goals and what’s most important to you so to best answer your question (For example, are you just selling, ie moving out of area or going into a rental? Or would you then plan to buy within the same market?).

That said, generally, our advice is rather simple, sell when the time is right for you. Why? Timing the market is difficult. All seasons have their advantages and disadvantages, and overall market changes can overtake seasonal effects.  Plus, if you’re buying and selling in the same market, what you get for your home and what you pay for your next one is all relative.

What can you expect selling during the different seasons?

Winter // In the Winter, often there are fewer homes for sale, so less competition. This can sometimes lead to a quicker sale, though depending on the overall market, buyers may be just starting their search and therefore less active.

Spring // Many buyers and sellers target the Spring market, with sellers thinking this is the best time of year to show off their home and gardens. As a result, your listing will face the most competition in the Spring, though this is often balanced out by more active buyers.

Summer // A busy Spring market often carries into the Summer, though as people start to head out of town on Holidays, activity from buyers and sellers generally quiets down. Buyers with families usually try to buy to move before the new school year, so look for the most activity 30-60 days before Labour Day.

Fall // Many sellers will remove their homes from the market during the summer, or delay until the Fall, so look for listings to rise and therefore more competition. That said, buyers are returning from their Holidays and as a result, are more active as well.

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