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Find your style with our West Vancouver Style Search. Our search combines proprietary tech and daily curation by our local real estate experts to help you find your perfect home. Whether you are looking for a mid-century modern, heritage house, log home, or rancher for sale in West Vancouver — our search has you covered. Get started by selecting a style or category on this page. There you will find homes for sale and sold — plus, you can sign up for alerts so you never miss a listing or sale.

503 1390 Duchess Avenue, West Vancouver

Condos & townhomes in a 55 Plus age restricted strata

340 Mountain Drive, LIONS BAY

A-frame is a type of architectural style characterized by the shape of the structure which resembles the letter "A"

4782 Estevan Place, West Vancouver

Cape Cod style houses are characterized by a symmetrical, rectangular shape; a steep pitched roof; a central chimney; and dormers on the second story.

2378 Marine Drive, West Vancouver

Properties with duplex zoning or potential for higher density zoning.

301 2280 Bellevue Avenue, West Vancouver

Homes with parking that has EV Charging, is EV Ready, or has EV Charging available in the building.

1430 Bramwell Road, West Vancouver

Houses with an elevator

1380 Cammeray Road, West Vancouver

Court ordered sales or foreclosures are properties that are being sold subject to court approval.

6575 Nelson Avenue, West Vancouver

Character and heritage homes are properties that are culturally or historically significant; or are old and architecturally interesting with character and charm not seen in newer homes.

4125 Burkehill Place, West Vancouver

Classic Lewis Post and Beams

102 1525 Bellevue Avenue, West Vancouver

A loft-style condo offers an open design, high ceilings, big windows, limited interior walls and possibly an elevated "loft" area that can be reached by indoor stairs.

930 Kings Avenue, West Vancouver

A log home is a house built mainly from logs.

125 Hiawatha Drive, West Vancouver

A manufactured home is a pre-fabricated house built in a factory and transported to its permanent location.

1206 Esquimalt Avenue, West Vancouver

Modern & Contemporary Architectural and unique houses

4050 Ripple Place, West Vancouver

Modern Farmhouse style is a contemporary design aesthetic that features large windows, a mix of materials such as wood and metal, and a white or neutral color palette.

1259 235 Keith Road, West Vancouver

A penthouse is an apartment on the top floor of a building, while a sub-penthouse is the apartment just below the penthouse level.

1925 Mathers Avenue, West Vancouver

A rancher style home is a house that offers minimal or no stairs to access and has all the living space on one level.

5405 Greentree Road, West Vancouver

Ron Thom Designed houses

4778 Marine Drive, West Vancouver

Properties that offer potential to subdivide the lot into two or more separate lots.

5704 Westport Road, West Vancouver

A Tudor-style home offers half-timbered design, steep pitched roofs, tall narrow windows, and often exposed brick or stone accents.

8446 Citrus Wynd, West Vancouver

Houses and lots that are oceanfront or that are semi-waterfront including some of Vancouver's most luxury real estate.

1243 Duchess Avenue, West Vancouver

West Coast Contemporary architecture often incorporates large windows to take advantage of natural light and to bring the outdoors in; and it often features flat or low-pitched roofs, wood or stone exterior finishes, and an open, spacious floor plan.

47 Brunswick Beach Road, LIONS BAY

The West Coast Modern style is a regional variant of mid-century modern architecture characterized by an emphasis on simple, clean lines; a lack of ornamentation; and a strong connection to the outdoors.


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