Urban Chicken Keeping

June 27, 2019 | On The Market | By Rossetti Real Estate Team

Did you know urban chicken keeping was a thing? It is. Check out this City of North Vancouver house for sale with a coop.

1753 Larson Road, North Vancouver >>

Want to keep chickens at your North Shore home too? Know the rules as they are different between the municipalities.

City of North Vancouver:

  • Only residents living in Single Unit Residential (OCP-R1) zoned dwellings are permitted to keep chickens
  • Residents are permitted to keep up to 8 hens
  • No roosters are permitted
  • No sale of eggs or slaughter of chickens permitted
  • Residents must follow Urban Chicken Guidelines (see link below) for the proper care and housing of chickens
  • Minimize the risk of predation and foraging by bears, coyotes, skunks, rats and raccoons through proper and secure pen and coop construction
  • Secure feed to eliminate the risk of pest intrusion and spoilage
  • Follow applicable bylaws (see link below)
  • No permits are required

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District of North Vancouver:

  • You can keep from two to six hens
  • No roosters are permitted, nor are hens younger than four months
  • You are not permitted to sell the eggs or slaughter the hens
  • You need to apply for a permit, which must be renewed annually

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District of West Vancouver:

  • roosters are not permitted
  • chickens must be at least four months old
  • a maximum of six chickens is permitted per lot
  • registration is required, the fee is $50 per flock
  • a maximum of one chicken enclosure is permitted per home
  • chicken enclosures are not permitted in front yards
  • chickens are for personal use only (not to sell or trade chickens or products from the chickens including eggs and manure)
  • must not be a nuisance to the neighbourhood
  • minimize the risk of predators and pests through proper and secure run and coop construction
  • provide a perch at least 15 cm long per chicken and at least one nest box per coop

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