Maplewood neighbourhood plan passes first DNV vote

Nov. 10, 2017 | New Developments | By The Rossetti Team

District of North Vancouver council voted 4-2 to approve the draft Maplewood community plan, bringing their vision for the Maplewood Village Centre one step closer to realization. 

Via the District. Maplewood Area Today//

Approximately 1,000 people live in Maplewood today in a mix of older, more affordable rental townhouses and low rise apartments, and a blend of old and new single family homes.

maplewood community plan and village centre proposal

The Plan // 

The Maplewood Plan divides the area into three precincts, each with its own unique purpose, character, and identity: 1. Maplewood Village Centre; 2. Maplewood North Innovation District; 3. Dollarton Highway South.

Housing mix

The plan will provide for a diversity of housing types to accommodate all ages, incomes, and family circumstances, including townhouses, co-housing, fee simple row housing, lock-off suites, apartment units, live/work and other innovative forms of housing.

Non-market housing

Non-market housing is encouraged in Maplewood Village Centre as well as in the Innovation District. A minimum of 300 net new non-market housing units are targeted for the Village Centre. A portion of the roughly 900 residential units anticipated in the Innovation District should be comprised of a mix of non-market rental and below-market ownership. 

Village Centre

Maplewood has an evolving village heart between Old Dollarton Road and Dollarton Highway, west of Riverside Drive. The plan aims to further enhance the village heart as a vibrant, pedestrian-friendly area with a mix of residential, retail, and community uses.

Community amenities

The Maplewood Village Centre Community Needs Assessment (2017) provides a summary of needed community amenity spaces in Maplewood to serve its growing population.

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